Behind the scenes

Owning and running a business comes with excitement. It also comes with time, faith and financial expense.

The photo above is me picking up empty bottles for coffee. Don't mind the dirty car and the messy trunk. What you see though is what you get. A gal on a mission. To share her love of bourbon infused coffee with the world. I'm getting there. Shipping coffee near and far. Did you know that I stay awake at night hoping everyone loves it? I wonder about the customers. I picture them brewing it for the first time. I picture everything from drip coffee to espresso and lattes and cold brew.

Today seemed like a chore. Drive across town and pick up bottles. BUT -- I drove across town because I have already sent out 120 bottles since July of 2018. I call that a win. All day long. I can't wait until I need a truck to haul bottles and not a dirty car.

BTW -- the forklift driver was so nice to take this picture of me. As I explained why I was there and what I do, he was very helpful.

Today's message - Do what sets your soul on fire. All day. Every day. When it seems like a chore, step back and remember why you even get to do it to begin with.



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