Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week

Our communities' personalities are shaped and enhanced by small businesses. They are a part of what makes our neighborhoods great since they understand the needs of the neighborhoods. Because of this, it's so important to use Small Business Week as an opportunity to thank these beloved companies.

Here are six ways you can take part in Small Business Week this year:

1. Shop Small. Shop Local.

We always encourage everyone to shop small and local businesses when they can. This week, make even more of an effort to support other small businesses. Whether it’s grabbing groceries from a mom and pop down the street, ordering art from a local artist, or grabbing dinner at your favorite dive, it’s easy to help small businesses in your area succeed.

2. Buy Gift Cards

Purchasing a gift card or gift is a great way to show your support. Check the business’s website or social media channels to see if they are offering gift cards or give you the ability to prepay for one of their services!

3. Pay It Forward

During Small Business Week, consider paying for someone else's coffee in line behind you at the drive-thru coffee station. You will spread some joy and help to increase awareness for the week. Tell the barista to let them know it’s in celebration of Small Business Week. During Small Business Week, you can buy a friend lunch and have it delivered, and encourage them to do the same for their favorite small business.

4. Highlight Local Small Business Online

Local organizations should use their social media to promote local small businesses. Many schools, for example, have been highlighting small businesses within their community on their Instagram posts. Consider featuring a local small business every Saturday in May in a post or story. It’s like a month-long Small Business Saturday!

5. Refer to your Friends and Family

If you like the service you get or the products you buy at a local spot, recommend it to your friends and family. When you advise them to buy from a small business, it has a lot more weight. 

6. Use your social media to promote the Shop Local Challenge

Share a picture of something you recently bought from a local small business with your audience. Tag three other people in the picture and challenge them to #ShopLocal for Small Business Week. Make sure to keep the good vibes going.  


Whether you own a small business, work for one, or just love supporting them, there are plenty of ways you can show your support and take part in this tradition.


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