Clout Coffee

Gift Set | Autographed Copy of Seed Money: From Doubt to Clout + Ground Dark Coffee 4oz + Bookmark


Clout Coffee founder Carole Sprunk published her first book in December 2020. Author Carole Sprunk shows us that no obstacle is too great when you’re determined to achieve your goals. In Seed Money: From Doubt to Clout, you’ll hear stories from Sprunk’s troubled childhood and how she overcame each struggle on her path to being a successful entrepreneur and founding Clout Coffee.

Included in this set is: an autographed copy of the book, a 4 ounce bag of ground dark roast coffee (Carole's favorite) and a bookmark.

  • Single Origin Colombian Arabica beans are artfully paired with fresh dumped bourbon barrels. 
  • No artificial flavoring is used in our products. Clout Coffee is 100% barrel aged.
  • Smooth, full bodied coffee experience. Flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate and a smooth bourbon finish will have you coming back for more. 
  • Experience strong yet indulgent coffee brewed for the ambitious few.

#PowerYourGrind with Clout Coffee. 

Does NOT contain alcohol.


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