Bourbon Extract

Add a splash of bourbon to your first cup of coffee in the morning to make it extra special. Clout Coffee is a small-batch, slow-roasted coffee roaster that specializes in creating an outstanding taste by roasting high-quality beans in small amounts. Clout Coffee only uses freshly roasted, high-quality beans from throughout the world that are sourced locally. Each of our coffee products has a distinct flavor that is injected into the beans before they are roasted.

With Clout Coffee, experience authentic southern hospitality and learn how to prepare this classic bourbon extract for free!



  1. Combine the bourbon whiskey and the ground Bourbon Barrel-Aged Clout Coffee in an airtight container with a tight seal. Shake gently and store in a cool, dark place for 3 weeks. Gently shake every few days.
  2. When ready, strain the mixture using a filter or cheese cloth, squeezing the bag/filter to extract all liquid. Discard coffee.
  3. Pour extract into clean, airtight container. Seal until ready to use.

    Please note: the liqueur requires 3 weeks of steeping time before using
    Yield: 2.5 CUPS

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