Barrel Aged Coffee

Every bean comes from a barrel. Every barrel tells a story.

Where it all started

About the Barrels

Barrel 01: You'll never forget your first. The first barrel launched the business in May of 2018. From hobby to business the adventure began upon roasting in July of 2018. This barrel came from Brickway Bourbon.

Barrel 02: Barrel 02 was a Heaven Hill Distillery barrel. This barrel yielded a taste a bit more mild than I would have liked. Not as good as barrel 01 but maybe not as fresh either. Live and learn on to the next.

Barrel 03: Barrel 03 had hopes for being better than the previous but it was not. I was least impressed with this barrel from Woodford Reserve. No surprise to me though as I am not a fan of Woodford bourbon to begin with.

Barrel 04: Finally! Something with a bit more flavor. Kinda getting the hang of this barrel aging thing! Barrel 04 was a Four Roses barrel. I personally love Four Roses bourbon. This coffee roasted just in time for Christmas 2018. That made 4 barrels roasted and about 400 pounds of Clout all over the United States. By this point, I am shipping all over and in 3 stores.

Barrel 05 & 06: These are both Brickway Bourbon barrels because I have a sweet surprise for you! In time for Valentine's Day and for the month of February, you can enjoy Clout Caramels. This is a collaboration with Brickway Bourbon, Snowshoe Candy Co, and Clout Coffee. 170 pounds of coffee and about 750 caramels making these barrels extra tasty! The coffee again takes on the flavors similar to barrel 01.

Barrel 07: This barrel is a Buffalo Trace barrel and it will not last long. This is good coffee. One of my favorite bourbons is Buffalo Trace and I am excited to be able to experience a tasty barrel aged coffee.

Barrel 08: This barrel is a W.L. Weller barrel and we are so lucky to have it. Just in time for the Anniversary party is one of my most anticipated barrels. This one has a unique flavor and is enjoyable.

Barrel 09:  This barrel is a collaboration with Hy-Vee in Linden Market. Their April 2019 store pick became coffee in June. 

Barrel 10: This is a collaboration with Soldier Valley Bourbon through Patriarch Distillers in La Vista, Nebraska. We welcomed this coffee mid August. It is delicious. 

Barrel 11: This is a fresh dumped Jack Daniels barrel and roasted in early September 2019.

Barrel 12: This barrel is the second barrel from Soldier Valley Bourbon through Patriarch Distillers in La Vista, Nebraska. We liked barrel 10 so much, we kept it going. This will be ready Mid October. 

Barrel 13: This is a Frank Sinatra edition Jack Daniels barrel. The barrel itself had such a sweet scent. The coffee is delicious!

Barrel 14: We loved the Brickway Bourbon coffee so much in past barrels that we wanted to re-live that coffee. 

Barrel 15: This was another Soldier Valley Barrel. Great coffee and great people to collaborate with

Barrel 16: Heaven Hill Distillery. This barrel smelled like Heaven when we filled it. I'm eager to taste the coffee that comes from it. 

Barrel 17:  Jim Beam has okay bourbon, so let's see how this coffee tastes. Stay tuned!

Barrel 18: Spirit World in Omaha recently did a private barrel pick of Four Roses. We got the barrel and did our thing! We had a ton of fun with this collaboration. 

Barrel 19: A private pick of Eagle Rare from a bar in Arcadia, NE. Such a delicious coffee!

Barrel 20: Another Jim Beam barrel will be ready late February.

Barrel 21: A Willit barrel will be ready in late February!

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The aroma and flavor of Clout is out of this world. Smooth, velvety and with hints of bourbon this coffee feels like an indulgent treat. Clout is at the top of our list to drink and serve to others. We will buy Clout again and again.

Melissa Hinrichs - Amazon Prime review

This coffee is my favorite!! I will keep my kitchen stocked at all times. I truly appreciate the mixing of the bourbon and coffee flavors. Fantastic coffee!

Tammy Davis - Facebook page review

Carole has always been a passionate person to everything she is involved in. I finally bit the bullet and got some coffee and caramels..... while I have yet to brew a cup, the caramels are to die for. I was wondering why they only have 5 in a package, now I know.... because you could eat the whole bag in one sitting!

Trudy Chestnutt - Facebook page review

not only is it great tasting coffee but it makes a wonderful gift to give as well!

Traci Virrus - Facebook page review