On Clout 9

On Clout 9 by Mercury 

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

Step 1: What you need

1.5 ounces Elijah Craig Private Barrel Pick #3

.5 ounces Clout Coffee – Cold Brew

.5 ounces Amaro Nonino

.25 ounces Wisconsin Sugar Maple Syrup

.25 ounces Nux Alpine Walnut Liquor


Step 2: In a chilled glass dip the rim into Wisconsin Sugar Maple Syrup then into chopped dark chocolate covered almonds.

Step 3: Add one Clinebell ice cube.

Step 4: Combine all ingredients. Stir and strain over the Clinebell ice cube.

Step 5: Twist orange peel over cocktail and serve.



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