$.90 down the drain

I've been gone awhile. I hate to say the word but a bit: busy. Some have said I am spread a bit thin but I know that my plate is bigger than theirs ;)

I messed up a label tonight while labeling coffee. I almost cried as I threw away the label that I tried to save a second time and still messed it up further. I had to throw away a $.90 label and as I put it in the trash, I thought about the expenses that come on as a start up business. The ones you know about and the ones that sneak up on you. 

I switched website platforms and when I logged in tonight I couldn't remember how to get to a "blog post" Geesh. After some hunting around, here I am. Then I thought about how many people would have given up on their whole idea about one wrong thing in their way and remembered that my plate is more like a platter so let's do this. 

As I labeled coffee tonight I thought about the people that might enjoy this as much as I do. You see, when I wanted Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, I actually wanted an experience. I wanted to know about the bourbons and the barrels and the business. I couldn't find it, so I created it. Batch after batch, the flavors change but my goal does not. Come along with me as we share Clout with EVERYONE!

And friends... if you have an idea... Run with it. As fast as you can, like your life depends on it. 


XOXO- cs

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