Have your Clout and eat it too.

This day is a bucket list day for me on a professional level. Before I even put Clout Coffee into production, I imagined what more it could be. Today is the first day, that my taste buds experienced what I have been imagining. I tasted Clout Caramels.

Made locally from ingredients sourced locally. I am ecstatic to say the least. The sweet buttery, gooey, coffee with a hint of bourbon goodness is a dream come true. These decadent caramels are hand made right here in Omaha by Snowhoe Candy Co. Even better, the caramel's extract is made from Clout Coffee beans and Brickway Bourbon.

When you bring together local businesses doing big things, it's epic to say the least. Cheers to making 2019 a year for prosperous growth and intentional focus! XOXO --- CS

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Carole Sprunk