Barrel Aged Coffee

Barrel-Aged Coffee is the process of rolling green coffee beans (beans that have not been roasted) in an aged barrel once used for aging wine & spirits such as bourbon and whiskey. This rolling process allows the green beans to soak in the flavour and aromas of the barrel. The green beans are then roasted. This process gives the coffee flavour notes that were picked up from the barrel.

Each barrel aged variety has it's own unique flavor:

✔ Bourbon tasting notes are vanilla, dark chocolate and a smooth bourbon finish will have you coming back for more.

✔ Rum tasting notes are caramel, dark cocoa and vanilla flavors create a smooth and sweet rum finish.

✔ Rye tasting notes are vanilla, rich oak and subtle almond flavors that create a smooth rye finish.

✔ Whisky tasting notes are earthy with a hint of vanilla.

No. Our coffee does not contain alcohol. The alcohol is burned out during the roasting process.

We use Colombian Arabica beans in our coffees. We add a small percentage of Brazil beans to our Espresso roast.


We are a coffee shop based in Nebraska, and was born out of the desire to empower and encourage others in their day to day lives.

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