Hotel coffee

This is an important weekend for my husband and boys. It is opening weekend for rifle season. My boys are avid deer hunters. I'm not much of a deer meat eater but they all love it. 

What do I love about this weekend? I get peace and quiet and time to work. I'm holed up in the hotel updating products on various profiles and working on last details on my book that will be published in 3 weeks. Not to mention, I am enjoying the hot tub and some Evan Williams bourbon. I started my morning with hotel coffee which is only a reminder why I started Clout Coffee. This coffee is just that. It's coffee doing it's purpose. I wanted to create something that would put some umph in your day. That smack on the ass that says "you've got this" 

This break couldn't have come at a better time. With the holiday season approaching a short trip out of town is just what I need to recharge. I love everything I do for business so I never mind working while on a vacation. 

Into my second cup of coffee and my husband texts me to tell me that he left the good coffee in the thermos for me. Granted it was made last night, I'll take it. Thanks, babe. 

I hope your weekend is full of Clout!



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