It's what's on the inside that counts!

I'm guessing that you've heard the phrase "It's what's on the inside that counts." Typically this refers to a person's personality over appearance. For this blog post I am referring to Clout Coffee. We make great coffee, but we also look a little rough around the edges. 

Have you ever purchased something because it looked really cool? I'm a sucker for great packaging. Many times, I buy based on looks and then don't end up loving what's on the inside. Which is really what matters most. Don't you agree?

I've wanted custom packaging since day one. I've dreamt of it, designed it and talked about it. I just can't justify it. Yet.

Look at this box. It looks great. It also helps you identify quickly that there is barrel aged coffee inside. Putting this box and our current box on shelf side by side, my guess is that you'd pick the custom printed, full color, attractive box. I know I would. 

The problem though, is that in small quantities this box is $6 each. You read that right. $6 for something that you'll most likely toss in the trash when you are done. I need much higher volume to bring that cost down to meet or beat my current cost. 

Having a background in printing and also being a magazine publisher I absolutely love ink on paper. The colors, look, feel and smell of anything printed is my favorite. So believe me when I say I am not a fan of the way we currently package such delicious coffee. 

I mean - just look at them.

The struggle is real. My competitors have much better looking packaging. We make a great tasting product though. So I will keep at it, the best I can and know how to do. 

What is something that you buy that doesn't look great but that you've come to love for what's on the inside? 

Here's to putting more Clout in everyone's cup!




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