Non Barrel Aged Clout Coffee

As colder temps arrive in Nebraska, having a cup of hot coffee becomes almost necessary. 

Clout Coffee was started from a passion for coffee, bourbon and community. We started barrel aging coffee in fresh dumped bourbon barrels to bring you a great tasting coffee that could help you #PowerYourGrind. We grew from bourbon to also including rum, rye and whisky barrel aged varieties as well. 

Along the way, some of our clients started requesting non-barrel aged coffee. We didn't move forward with this until just recently. We got the opportunity to be the coffee provider for a local company in Omaha and with that came the need for regular coffee as well as our bourbon barrel aged coffee. 

I often hear that Clout Coffee is a great evening, weekend or special occasion coffee. While I'm excited that people choose Clout for those moments, my goal has always been to put Clout in your cup all day, every day. 

As a start up entrepreneur, I am aware of the challenges in starting a business. My goal in 2022 is to align Clout Coffee with an entrepreneurship organization that we can help support through our profits. 

Our newest 2oz One Pot Packs recently made their way into a company in Omaha and we couldn't be more proud. I'm calling this - Corporate Coffee. How fun for the team at this company to get a locally roasted coffee to sip on while working to grow the company. 

We look forward to finding more ways to fill your days with Clout. Look for these on our website soon as well as other sizes and bundles. 



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