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As of today, one day into being a year older, I am officially a published author. 

The title Seed Money was in my head long before the words even hit the paper. The book took a much different road than I imagined. Most of my book I shared the first 30 years of my life. 

Sometimes I think we look at success and see just the tip of it. We don't see what went into it, where it stemmed from or what it took to grow.

My childhood wasn't great. My young adult years were reactive more than proactive. I always knew I wanted more. 

More importantly, I wanted to share these stories with my children incase someday I am not able to. I have so many questions about my younger years that will go unanswered. I wanted to share my early years with my boys and encourage them to always go after their dreams. 

December is a hard month for me. In my book I share more about that. Publishing a memoir style book in the month of December is quite fitting. I wanted a victory for an otherwise hard month to get through. 

Clout Coffee stemmed from the desire to create a brand that would provide a constant revenue stream. More than that though, I wanted to create a brand that encouraged, empowered and enabled those around me to do more, be more, have more and give more. I knew though that if I was going to get behind something, I had to love it. 

Coffee is the slap on the ass to start your day. Bourbon is the liquid gold that calms, comforts and warms the soul. I brought them together to bring you more Clout in your day. 

So go out there and change the world. Coffee in one hand, bourbon in the other. You've got this. 

From Doubt to Clout


Carole Sprunk, Author, Seed Money: From Doubt to Clout


Grab your digital copy here for the next 30 days for just $.99 - Please leave a review :)


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I would love to read a copy of this book, but may I purchase it directly from you? I do not have a Kindle and prefer to read a paperback copy. Let me know what you charge and I will order the book. Thanks!

Tom Frye July 21, 2022

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