What a day!

Today was a day for the books. I celebrated this Mother's Day with my boys while I put final touches on my first book. They played video games and watched tv while I spent hours writing scenes for my first book. My boys and husband did give me a nice gift card for a manicure and pedicure which I am in desperate need of. Thanks, quarantine. 

To round out my day I went and signed a lease for commercial space for Clout Coffee. This was quite an emotional day. We've outgrown our current space and if we are going to level up, we need more space. This, of course, comes with more cost. It's always scary when you need to level up. The time is right though and we either need to step up or down. I'm no fan of stepping down unless my heart isn't in it any more. So, we are stepping up. 

You'll be seeing a lot more of Clout in the days to come. Our overall mission is to add more Clout to your life and we intend to do just that. 

The day is ending and tomorrow is upon us. Go out there, and make each day your bitch. Cheers to all the moms out there (dad's too but it's Mother's Day - Your day is coming). Work your ass off for your future and your babies. Give them more than you had and more than you might even realize in your own life.

Take your future by the beans and get after it. 




Full speed ahead!

Brett Frevert May 11, 2020

Congrats Carole! I know how challenging the authoring thing is. I had your Clout coffee for the first time this morning, you had me a sniff! I am amazed at the flavor the bourbon barrels make in the coffee. Thank you for introducing me to it! Best of Luck!

Carol Horner May 11, 2020

Congratulations. Growth & expansion can be nerve racking, but you got this! Long live clout!

Gabriel May 11, 2020

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