What Makes Our Non-Barrel-Aged Coffee Different?

On the surface, our Non-barrel-aged coffee doesn't seem like anything spectacular. In fact, Non-barrel-aged coffee is the most common kind in stores. But, if you look a little closer, you’ll see there’s a lot more to our Non-barrel-aged-coffee.

Clout Coffee uses beans that come from the fertile lands of Huila. Here, a wet mill grows and harvests the beans. This makes these beans 100-percent Colombian. Then, through a specialized process, we ensure this roasted Colombian coffee is flavorful.

The Origin of Our Colombian Beans

Huila is a large producer of coffee beans. In fact, the Colombian Coffee Grower's Federation (FNC) states that Huila produced 2.6 million, 60-kilogram bags of beans in 2016 alone.

In other words, 18 percent of the country's coffee is grown there. The climate there is most suited for coffee bean growing. On average, temperatures range from 62.5 to 73.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the soil is ideal for coffee growing as well. All soil in the region is nitrogen-rich. We must mention that it's all volcanic soil as well. That means it's rich in organic matter in general, which makes it fertile. With consistently nice weather, it's possible to harvest beans throughout the year.

The Flavor of the Coffee

Our roasted Colombian coffee has a flavor like no other. You'll notice notes of sweet chocolatey goodness with a hint of caramel. If you enjoy the smell of coffee that wafts through the air in the morning, you'll find the citrus and spice notes are delightful.

We Roast and Ship the Beans to You

While our non-barrel-aged coffee has a unique taste, another benefit of it is that we ship it right to your door after we roast it. This makes it incredibly convenient to enjoy this one-of-a-kind coffee.

Why Purchase Colombian Roasted Coffee

When you compare coffee from Colombia to coffee from other places, you'll notice that it's more flavorful. While Arabica bean crops don't yield a high quantity of beans, they do grow high-quality beans.

We can't give the area all of the credit, though. Our roasted Colombian coffee also is such a hit because of our process and the care every one of our employees puts into the process. When you purchase coffee from us, you don't get just coffee beans -- you get a coffee experience. An experience to remember and savor.

Order from us today to have our Colombian roasted coffee delivered directly to your door.

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No comment but a question what is the caffeine level ur roasted beans provide

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