Who spilled the beans?!

Starting a company and getting your footing takes time. It's no wonder we argue over spilled beans.

Who cares? A few beans here and there make no difference in the grand scheme of things.

Today I found out that another local store is interested in carrying Clout Coffee. I am elated. As a small business owner, your wins no matter how big or small, are still wins.

Of course my kids want to be a part of the process also, which I am very much interested in having them help. This, however, resulted in a few spilled beans. The bigger picture though, is that they get to learn what it's like to be "all in". There is no crying over it, just pick yourself up and keep going. In life, don't worry about who spilled the beans, pick them up and just keep going. xoxo Carole

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Carole Sprunk