Clout Spritz

Summer has arrived, let's toast with a new seasonal cocktail, the Clout spritz is the appropriate drink for you. With orange, fennel, and a gentle extraction of our Clout Coffee, it's a delicious, lightly sweet sparkling soda. The drink has multiple layers of flavors, making it an exceptional beverage.

This sparkling summer drink has a surprisingly complex flavor, with deep coffee and caramel overtones balanced by a burst of crisp citrus. Try it with the recipe we've provided below, and the chilling begin!


  • Double Shot of Clout Coffee, Espresso Roast, any flavor desired
  • 5oz club soda or seltzer water, room temperature
  • 1oz orange juice


  • Add ice to tall glass. Pour room temperature seltzer over ice.
  • Add room temperature double shot of Clout's espresso over seltzer. Top with orange juice.
  • Stir and enjoy.

Yield: 1 Cocktail

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