10 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee

The following flavor combinations may seem strange at first, but trust me, they will bring life back into your boring cup of coffee, and you’ll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner.

I have experimented with various ways to add flavor to your coffee, and these 10 are the best I have tried so far that will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

1. Cinnamon

If you want your coffee to have a real cinnamon kick, instead of just dusting cinnamon on top of it or stirring it into it, you'll need to infuse cinnamon directly into the beans. Adding the cinnamon to the start of the coffee brewing process will allow for a fully blended coffee that actually tastes like cinnamon and not just smell like it.

2. Butter

  Butter dipped in your drink may sound like a recipe for disaster, but it actually works well because it's bitter and creamy at the same time. Though, be sure not to overdo it when it comes to the butter. It is recommended that you use about half a teaspoon of the stuff to give your drink an interesting new taste.

3. Star Annise

Add your Star Anise into your whole coffee beans before grinding and brew as you normally would. However, if overused it can be very overpowering, so I recommend using no more than 3/4 of a clove, otherwise you will end up throwing your freshly brewed coffee away.

4. Cocoa Nibs

It’s this flavor profile that makes Cocoa Nibs the perfect addition to your coffee. Trust me they taste great! Pour about a teaspoon of Cocoa Nibs into your coffee grinder for every two cups of coffee you put in it, grind it together, and brew your coffee as usual.

5. Maple Syrup

With its rich, smooth taste, maple syrup pairs well with coffee flavors. Since it doesn't dissolve, it's a great addition to cold coffee drinks, so try stirring it into cold brew or whipping up an iced maple latte.

6. Cardamom

Fiber and other essential minerals are just some of the hidden gems of cardamom as well as aiding in circulation it goes great with coffee. Either add whole cardamom seeds to your whole coffee beans before you grind or sprinkle a couple of pinches of pre-ground cardamom seeds to your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

7. Ginger

It can be overpowering if you use a lot of ginger, so add only a few slices to your grounds before you brew. The hot water will pass over the ginger and will infuse with your coffee. Instead of fresh ginger, you can use one or two tablespoons of ginger powder, but fresh ginger is better!

8. Vanilla

To get the most out of this natural coffee flavoring, add a vanilla bean to the whole beans just before grinding. If you can’t get your hands on fresh vanilla, you can use a few drops of extract directly into your cup of coffee or into your portafilter on your espresso machine before you pull a shot.  

9. Ice Cream

Why not serve your Americano or filter coffee with a little ice cream? The rich creaminess of the scoop will provide you with all the sweetness you need.

10. Lemon or Lime

It may not seem like a perfect blend, but we promise you will fall in love with it. You would be surprised how tasty this classic coffee is once you try it. It’s so very good. For a completely new and refreshing experience, add some juice or even a little peel to your next drink.

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