3 Ways To Help Your Remote Employees Enjoy Coffee Breaks

It is becoming a new norm to work remotely, and leaders have been trying to find new ways to connect with our teams. Just like in the office, a virtual coffee break is  a great way to maintain connections between coworkers and help nurture team bond.

Even though most coffee drinkers are fond of the taste of coffee, many don't reach for that sweet nectar because of how it tastes. A recent study found that 40 percent of workers drink coffee when they need a break from work. And 26% tapped their mug to chat with colleagues.  

1. Host a coffee virtual break

    Gift your employees with gift cards to a local coffee shops or a restaurant delivery service, and plan a virtual event. Keep people engaged with an activity. Show off your pooches, share favorite recipes, or come with conversation starters. 

    2. Host a virtual home barista class

      Host an event to help your employees learn more about coffee beans and coffee-making equipment and see how experts brew the perfect cup of coffee. 

      3. Send a coffee gift card or care package

        Send your remote employees coffee gift cards, treat them to a regular coffee stipend, or send out coffee care packages. 

        Conclusion: Drink Up!

        Virtual coffee breaks are a great way to maintain connections, so try to do them regularly, just as you would at the office. Even in an era of remote work, employees can huddle around a pot of coffee to get a brain break, reconnect, and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.


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