A year of roasting and ready to scale up.

This month marks a year of roasting bourbon barrel aged coffee. I remember in the very early months thinking "Well here we go. If this doesn't turn out at least I will have an awesome personal supply of coffee." We've roasted 9 barrels of coffee and have 2 more "In Progress". Selling in 4 stores and shipping in more than 13 states.

I'm ready to scale up. I think America is ready too. Coffee this good needs to be shared with the masses. More than coffee though, you get this witty mom on a mission. Come along with me as we pick up pace, probably trip and fall down a few times and ultimately we will keep going because coffee this good needs to be shared. 

In the meantime, check out my podcast - Coffee with Carole. I'm so new to it, that I don't even know all the places you can find it. iTunes, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher are a few I believe. 


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