Are you afraid of sharks?

I did a thing. I registered to pitch my brand to the Heartland Shark Tank on April 6th in Lincoln, NE. 

Am I nervous? Yes. Am I scared? Slightly. Am I ready? Almost. Am I going to swim with the sharks? Yes!!

Ready or not, I am jumping in. All in. I am ready to grow this brand and I feel like strategic partners and a bit of cash can get us to the next level. Who's ready for a subscription service and more food products with Clout?!

This week we are also launching an Espresso roast. Big things coming for this small (for now) business. The goal is to take over the world. One cup of coffee and one dram of bourbon at a time. Tonight's pour is a 1792 Full Proof private pick from Spirit World here in Omaha. I love the no nonsense, get it done, burn.



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Carole Sprunk