Small steps still mean progress.

Finally scheduled my first newsletter to go out tomorrow morning. Yep.10 months into business and I am still figuring things out. A total of 59 recipients from past website orders and form sign ups will wake up with a dose of Clout tomorrow morning. Personally, I am also excited to wake up to the email. So yes, I was one of the 59 recipients ;)

The thing I find myself worried about is that everyone is already inundated with emails. Am I wasting my time? But there goes me judging my customers and audience. A wise mentor cautioned me against judging customers and prospects. So tomorrow morning 58 other people get to wake up to some Clout in their inbox.

If you want just one more really awesome email then you can either sign up on my website or even better, buy some Clout and you will be on the list.

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Carole Sprunk