Give Clout to Get Clout

The old saying that you need to give to get. I agree. I think we do give to others to get in return. Now what we get and how that affects us is what is different. Some people give simple because it makes themselves happy. Others give to nurture relationships for future use. That's just the way it is.

Having been on the receiving side a lot in my younger years has me wanting to be on the giving side a bit more. I have some catching up to do. It makes me feel physically good to make others happy. I can't wait until I have more to give. So there you have it. I aim to sell more coffee so that I can grow more and give more.

Tonight, I met a gal at a gym that I have a membership to to give her a gift basket. Now don't be fooled. I haven't actually worked out at this gym in a few months. I know, I know. I need to. I'm exhausted. But, a gal contacted me about a donation for a fundraiser. I thought, why not? After all, there are kids that would benefit from this education. And I recall the days I would have loved to have had those advantages. So without hesitation I met her with a gift basket I made all on my own. I shopped for it and created it. What a mess. My hat's off to those that make a living doing this. I'd be broke. But I left feeling good. Physically and emotionally. I could give that gift and that's why I did. I do not expect anything from it either. I already got what I wanted.

Then I came home to Bugles and cheap bourbon to cap off my night. My point is -- give to others if you can for no reason other than it means the world to who you are giving to. I promise.

Cheers! XOXO - CS

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