Batch 3 is here, but not for long

Barrel 03 is finally here!

What started out as a hobby is turning into a labor of love. Each batch has a different flavor profile. There is anticipation with each new batch. You don't know what you are going to get and chances are that you won't taste the same thing again. I'm on a mission to create experiences with your coffee drinking. You will notice a few changes to the label coming soon. I didn't think I would be selling ground coffee, but ask and you shall receive. The new label will also be easier to distinguish between light and dark roast.

This barrel is a Woodford Reserve barrel. I'm not much of a Woodford Reserve fan - sorry, not sorry - But I do like the unique flavor profile that this barrel added to the coffee beans. Barrel 04 is a Four Roses barrel. From there, I look forward to getting back to a few local distilleries.

As the weather gets colder, drink up!

Stay warm, stay thirsty, and if necessary supplement your coffee with some bourbon. That will surely warm you up.

-Cheers, CS

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