Oh, the places Clout goes...

I gleam when orders come in for Clout. It means so much to me that people support my brand. I recently shipped an order to Canada, eh! I have no idea why or how. Last week an order went to Hawaii. In the weeks prior, California and Virginia Beach. From as far east, west, north and south, Clout is going everywhere.

Growing a brand is a ton of fun. Doing it solo comes with challenges and can be stressful. I wouldn't have it any other way and look forward to filling in the gaps with more Clout!

The 3rd barrel is a Woodford Reserve barrel that will be ready to ship mid November. The 4th is a Four Roses barrel and that coffee will be ready mid December. Perfect timing for - dare I say it - Christmas gifts. 


XO - Carole

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Carole Sprunk