Wow! It's been a decade since a blog post. That joke is pretty much overused at this point but I am still running with it. 

A contact of mine recently emailed me and after about a week sent a follow up email kindly "bumping" the message to the top of my inbox. I thought to myself "wow, I've become that person" and not in a good way but way more ashamed than that. First, I thought, that was a really kind way to tell me to get my shit together and then I thought, when did I become that person? I used to hate waiting for responses. Now, I'm the one slacking. 

I know people who have way more going on. Yet they seem to have a better grip on it than I do. And at the same point I have people constantly tell me they aren't sure how I do it all. Well, between you, me and everyone else reading this, someday's I am not sure either. Let's call it love of the game. 

I have much bigger goals this year and it's going to take some serious game face. It's crazy to look back on the growth over the last 3 months and work to scale up. It's more than coffee to me and I can't wait to show you what I have in store. 

Tonight I finished a fun collaboration with a local retailer that brought in a private barrel pick of Four Roses bourbon. I am honored that Clout was chosen to partner with them on this pick and am thrilled at the response from the many guests tonight. 

It really takes a village and a great team of supporters around you to accomplish things. If you don't have the right team going in the right direction, it can be easy to spin. 

Here's to a year of clear vision, goals and CLOUT!



OK, here’s a little “bump” for “Bump” on Twitter- https://twitter.com/JeffreyPJacobs/status/1236873591880384512?s=20

Jeff Jacobs March 08, 2020

Hi Carole- great story, just became aware of your effort tonite, and what great energy you have for growing your customer base! Would really like to help you with your journey- it is so unique and right up my alley, I might just order a pound to review for my own blog! Best of luck to you. Cheers, Jeff

Jeff Jacobs March 08, 2020

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