Growing this business is barrels of fun!

I was recently telling another frazzled business owner to breathe and work through it. Turns out I needed to take my own advice. This is without a doubt a very busy and challenging time. I'd be busy continuing to bag coffee but I knew the website needed an update and I wanted to vent/blog a little while I enjoy a glass or 3 of red wine. Shocker I know. This bourbon gal also likes red wine. 

The growth on Amazon is spectacular. The growth at the retail locations is growing. The growth on my website is tremendous. So much so, that I had to log in and put some things out of stock so I can catch up. I also had to update everyone on barrels. When I logged in to update the site, I was on barrel 12 being "in progress". Currently, barrels 16, 17 and 18 are actually "in progress" :) 

I did a tasting at a Hy-Vee earlier this month and while the coffee was percolating in their break room, I was signing labels. I absolutely love this crazy life and I wouldn't have it any other way. Cheers, friends!



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