Crying over spilled milk

  • Whoever came up with "There's no use in crying over spilled milk." never really put much thought into why that milk spilled in the first place.

I've had many instances in my life where milk has spilled. In the grand scheme of things they were no big deal, but in the moment, they were a very big deal. To give you history and maybe too much insight into my life, I've had milk spilled in a variety of ways. As a child dumping a bit too much into my cereal bowl, As a teen working in a grocery store in high school and watching a young child drop a gallon of milk 5 minutes before closing time where the top popped off and milk filled what seemed like the entire store. Or, moving into my mother years. Having an infant and spending time "preparing" milk. Only to knock it over then watch that 30 minutes of your life disappear. Tears quickly followed each time.

My most recent milk accident came from simply not reading instructions. "Shut the steam off prior to removing the steamed milk." Seems simple enough yet I was in too big a hurry and milk (hot milk I might add) sprayed everywhere.I bought my very first simple espresso machine. I barely skimmed the instructions. I wanted a latte and I wanted it now. However, my lack of reading and following instructions resulted in milk spraying everywhere and a ton of foam. So, if I understand correct, my latte became a cappuccino. However, I am incredibly new to this so I could be wrong. I will say though, that I did not cry. In fact, I had so much energy I got many things done. Thanks to the boost of Clout.

Don't cry over spilled milk. Turn it into an opportunity.


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