Loyalty is earned.

Building a loyal brand takes time. It also takes trust, transparency and good intentions. The recent batch of Clout Coffee was a Soldier Valley Bourbon barrel and within hours of announcing the batch of coffee was ready, a very loyal customer to their brand, many states away contacted us about purchasing that specific barrel aged coffee. They noted that they travel an hour each way just to buy that bourbon on base and have for several years. 

Solider Valley Spirits are more than spirits. Faith, family, and service to country is more than a motto to them. It is a way of life. 

That motto shows through in many ways. More so than a loyal fan committing to try my brand because of their brand. I am working diligently to build the same community of enthusiasts. 

Since the coffee has been roasted, more orders have followed. So much so, that we started another barrel which will be ready mid October. 

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Carole Sprunk