Why I do what I do

Hi friends. 

I often get told that I am "too busy" or "spread too thin" or "all over the place" 

Sometimes these comments make me laugh, other times I stew on them awhile.

Why do people say these things? Is it because they are truly concerned for you? Is it because their capacity is less than yours? These things keep me up at night. Here it is nearly midnight. I've been up since 5:30 am and it's been nonstop. I thought about going to bed then realized I should put in 5 more minutes to tell you why I do what I do. 

Because I care. Because I want everyone to win. Because I want more. Because it all matters. 

We get one shot at life. And I aim to make it memorable, shareable and enjoyable. Yes I do many things. I disagree with the concept of finding one thing and going deep. If I had went into the business making cassette tapes, I would be out of business. I want to be diverse, involved and leveraged. 

Yes I am a wife (with a pretty supportive husband). Yes I have children (#MomOfBoys). Yes I make coffee (It's pretty effing good too) Yes I publish a magazine ( 2 of them by this time next month) Yes I sell insurance (Multi Lines) 

I want to win. I want you to win. That simple. It's midnight and I am going to bed. That was a 5 minute post. 


XOXO - Carole



So, even before I ordered the coffee on line, I had the sense that you were running things and running them well. Not sure how. I haven’t even had time to test out your coffee yet, but I smelled it and it smelled delicious. Here’s what I know so far. I had a problem with a mistaken double order, and you resolved it within a couple of hours. Now that’s a pleasant shock. I too do a multitude of things, but maybe not compared to you. But I can say that in some sense I understand you and you are appreciated. I am with you.

Ron Bauman October 17, 2022

Keep it going Carole. I see I’m late on this but somehow just received this blog in my email today. Very similar, 5 more minutes to “check on something” so I don’t stay up all night thinking about it and it is a never ending story being self-employed. I kid and tell people in order to be successful and self-employed you only need to work half a day; which 12 hours is up to you. And that’s really a misnomer as if you’re not running all the time, 16 and18 hours sometimes the competition catches up and eats you.

Similar with multiple lines of income, including insurance and I wonder why I kept my license as with the software, the client and program management, trying to keep the family going and up on the certs; there is very little time left over.

Loved your story so keep it going!

Walter Stanton April 21, 2022

Just had my first cup of dark roast from the Four Roses Barrel. Right away you smell the influence of bourbon. After letting it cool, the first taste was smooth and delicious. (I drink it black) Even better was the excellent mix of coffee and bourbon after taste. It’s quite possible this May lead to excessive coffee drinking, because it leaves you wanting more.

Michael Lechner January 27, 2020

Is the espresso blend stronger than the Dark roast? In both flavor and caffeine strength.

Matt werneke January 13, 2020

Carole is a WINNER! Keep it up!

James September 29, 2019

It’s apparent, you just LOVE to serve others!

Paul Madsen September 13, 2019

It’s apparent, you just LOVE to serve others!

Paul Madsen September 13, 2019

It’s apparent, you just LOVE to serve others!

Paul Madsen September 13, 2019

Excellent! I love how are direct and to the point and I align with you 100% You definitely motivate me.

Michael Meyer September 13, 2019

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