National Entrepreneur's Day

Today is November 15th 2022 - National Entrepreneur's Day

A day when many will share their tip of the iceberg and wow moments. I share those as often as I can because it's like little glimmers of light in a long dark tunnel. We need those little moments. It's what makes the trek worth it. 

The definition in the cover image seems a little dull to me. I would define an entrepreneur as:

  • a problem solver
  • a risk taker
  • a visionary
  • a leader
  • a disrupter 
  • a determined person who, at all costs, will carve their own path even when others don't stand with them.

I wasn't always a proclaimed entrepreneur. In hindsight, I have always been one. I questioned everything, found solutions to problems, overcame childhood adversity, have grit and love a challenge. It wasn't until I turned 30 that I truly decided to jump in. 

There are moments when I wish I wasn't always "on" - IYKYK. Without it though, we wouldn't have Clout Coffee.

I love coffee so much. I can't go a morning without it. It doesn't just fuel my day, it fuels my mind. I also love bourbon whiskey. Not just for the relaxing benefits, but the taste is incredible. It really takes the edge off of a long day.

When I discovered barrel aged coffee, I knew that I could put my spin on it and make an incredible experience for everyone else.

Over 4 years later, the proof is in the pudding, or cup of coffee in our instance. The reviews and reorders speak for themselves.

I am on a mission to put Clout in everyone's cup. Not just coffee, but motivation and encouragement. If I can inspire just one more person to live their life on fire and chase their dreams, then I've hit the ultimate form of success in my book. 

I hope this helps you #PowerYourGrind and climb the ladder.

Cheers, friends!


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