Why Coffee Enthusiasts Go Insane With Our Barrel Aged Coffee?

This article will cover why many coffee enthusiasts love Barrel-Aged Coffee, a new coffee trend that is slowly emerging and is definitely something you should try. Currently, this is a new coffee trend slowly gaining popularity and making others curious about it.

 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee - Barrel

Let’s define barrel-aged coffee first

This type of coffee is aged in barrels that previously held bourbon, whiskey, rum or wine. The beans are left in the barrels for a few weeks at a time before they are roasted. And during this process, all the flavor characteristics are developed.

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Depending on the type of alcohol used in the barrel, the barrel-aged coffee will have a different flavor. Most barrel-aged coffee comes from Bourbon, Whiskey and Rum. And here are the reasons why most people love Bourbon barrel-aged coffee.

  •  As the barrel enhances the flavor of the coffee, Bourbon barrel will give the coffee a slightly sweeter and more vanilla edge.
  • If you’ll be asking if the Barrel-aged coffee will taste like Bourbon, the answer will be yes. Though it does not contain alcohol because during the aging process, alcohol evaporates when roasted, it leaves the unique flavors and aromas of the barrel aging process behind.
  • The coffee has a strong taste of bourbon, but you’ll still be able to taste the coffee’s flavor.
  • Adding barrel-aged coffee to your first cup of coffee every morning will add extra flavor and spice to your cup of coffee, giving coffee lovers a whole new experience.
  • It has an unusually strong flavor that almost overwhelms the palate.
  • It has an amazing smell whenever the coffee bean bag is opened.
  • There is a distinct complexity to the coffee that comes from barrel-aged bourbon.
Barrel Aged Coffee - Clout Coffee

Also, if you're a fan of cold brew coffee, this one is the best for you. Cold brew is the best way to enjoy barrel-aged coffee. You get more of the aromatics and intensity which a barrel has left over.

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