Growing Pains

I wanted to start this post with so much more excitement. I should be excited. However, I'm left with disappointment and a little excitement. 

I've had requests for the past 3 1/2 years to produce Clout Pods. I hesitated and retaliated. I finally caved. We now have Clout Pods. I should be happy right? I am. But not as happy as I would be with the perfect packaging to go with it. 

A business has to take into account many costs in producing new products. I wanted custom printed boxes to highlight the new products. That was out of budget. The next best thing was a sleeve over a box. That was going to be less cost but still attractive. I even opted to splurge on metallic spot ink in our signature bronze color. 

Then the sleeves showed up. I almost did a Facebook Live and if you know me, that's VERY rare. For some reason I couldn't wait. I tore into the boxes. Only to discover that the metallic ink was everywhere EXCEPT on the LOGO!!! I almost cried. 

Instead, I went into problem solving mode. Communication between the brand, graphic designer and printer are extremely important. I've always known and today reiterated it. I never just point fingers. I want to get to the bottom of things and honest mistakes do happen. This is why we get down to the bottom and then work our way out. We are a team and we still have a task at hand.

My 17 year old son took one look at it and said it looked "fine" to him. My 12 year old son said he didn't know the difference and liked it the way it was. 

Judge for yourself. I need to sell 1,000 of these packages before my "true colors" can show. Grab your 24 pack today and maybe grab another 999 to stock up and share. 

They say "it's what's on the inside that counts". I completely agree and I have tasted the Clout Pods (they are very good). I still can not wait for the perfect packaging. Next time, it will be correct. We've made sure. Until then, as you wrap your fingers around a warm mug of Clout....  indulge me and tell you love the K-Cup Sleeve. 



PS - I best write my blogs with a dram or 3 of bourbon whiskey. Tonight, I am drinking black label Evan Williams. It's basic. It's my go-to and I like it. 

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