What is Barrel Aged Coffee?

Note from the author: This article was recently featured in the August 2021 issue of Edge Magazine. http://edgemagazine.com/putting-clout-in-your-cup/

What is barrel aged coffee? In the 16th century, as coffee made its way into Europe, coffee beans were transported in wine barrels, while still green, effectively aging during the trip. In the beginning, the coffee that Europeans drank—and that they fell in love with—was aged coffee. As demand increased and it became profitable to trade coffee, aged coffee ceased to exist and somewhat disappeared.

Fast forward several hundred years to present day, and now coffee is one of the most traded commodities. It is because of this popularity that aged coffee has become important. What first started as a beverage that would perk you up, gained an extraordinary number of followers around the world who would, by the end of the 20th century, start to become increasingly more preoccupied with the taste and aroma of coffee, rather than its caffeine content.

It was to be a coffee renaissance; hundreds of new coffee drinks would be created, each more interesting than the other. The same way that everybody makes their coffee in their own special way, people were looking for different options. And aged coffee was found.

With an ever-growing fanbase, aged coffee is a term used to refer to green coffee beans that have been aged in liquor barrels, such as whiskey, brandy, wine, and rum barrels. What first started as a local, home-made practice has quickly turned into a serious approach thanks to coffee drinkers that appreciate the delicate, unique flavor of this coffee.

Clout Coffee is a locally produced, barrel aged coffee. Founded in 2018 as a bourbon barrel aged coffee has now grown to include rum, rye, and whisky barrel aged varieties. Clout Coffee works with local distilleries as well as national brands to create unique batches resulting in delicious, indulgent coffee experiences.

Clout Coffee is about so much more than a cup of coffee. Coffee brings people together. Whether you drink coffee in your lone moments while you plan your day ahead or share a cup with a friend or loved one, make it a great cup of coffee. Put some Clout in your cup.

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