Kentucky Coffee with Clout

If you're looking for something new and intriguing, try Clout Coffee. Kentucky Coffee is more robust than most coffees, but it is neither bitter nor acidic. It will make you feel warm and offer you an energy boost in the morning.  With the vibrant character of clout bourbon barrel aged flavor, we have created the perfect blend of heart and soul.

It's a great coffee with a full-bodied scent and mellow flavor. This recipe will teach you how to brew the best cup of Kentucky coffee!



Enjoy this cocktail hot:

  1. Combine the bourbon, bourbon liqueur and hot coffee in your favorite coffee mug.
  2. Garnish with whip cream if desired.

    Enjoy this cocktail cold:

    1. Combine the bourbon, bourbon liqueur and Clout's Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Cold Brew.
    2. Pour over ice, garnish with whip cream if desired and enjoy!

      Yield: 1 Cocktail

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