Keep moving forward

This blog title has so many purposes in my life right now. Tonight, I am bagging sample bags of coffee for a networking event tomorrow morning. Honestly, I didn't think the smaller coffee bags would arrive in time but they did. Now I don't have my labels done in time. But, I hand wrote them instead. Where there is will, I WILL find a way. I have sample bags to hand out and I will have no problem admitting that I am not quite prepared but you can still have a great cup of coffee while we laugh about that.

Coffee isn't the only thing that drives me. In fact, coffee drives everything else I love. Everything works together and when one slows, the other picks up. Either way, I keep moving forward. As I move, there are so many humbling and yet funny moments in my journey. We can chat about that over a bourbon sometime. It includes me mistaking online orders for something else and hand writing coffee labels at almost midnight. BTW - I am now shipping a few orders to California. How'd that happen?!
To everyone else burning the midnight oil - I hope you have some Clout in your cup! See you at the gym at 5:00am :)

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