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If you don't have the right team going in the right direction, it can be easy to spin.

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Why I do what I do | Clout Coffee Blog

Why I do what I do

We get one shot at life. And I aim to make it memorable, shareable and enjoyable. I want to win. I want you to win.

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Loyalty is earned. | Clout Coffee Blog

Loyalty is earned.

More so than a loyal fan committing to try my brand because of their brand. I am working diligently to build the same community of enthusiasts.

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Crying over spilled milk | Clout Coffee Blog

Crying over spilled milk

Whoever came up with "There's no use in crying over spilled milk." never really put much thought into why that milk spilled in the first place.

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Are You Afraid of Sharks? | Clout Coffee Blog

Are you afraid of sharks?

Ready or not, I am jumping in. I am ready to grow this brand and I feel like strategic partners and a bit of cash can get us to the next level.

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